These Three Bears Have No Idea What To Do About This Floating Pink Balloon

Balloons are delightful for both kids and kids-at-heart. Especially if those kids happen to be bears.

Three bears at Safaripark Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands were completely dumbfounded when a wayward pink balloon found its way into their habitat. Having never seen such a gloating specimen before, the bears had no idea how to react. 

As it turns out, bears are apparently just as delighted by balloons as human children — albeit a little bit vexed. Zoo-goer Xaviera Simmons posted a video of the frolicking bears.

For such large and potentially-dangerous creatures, these sloth bears have developed quite a dainty scamper.

Tee hee! I dare you to contain your giggles of delight. 

Sadly, bears have claws, which are notoriously bad for balloon longevity. One of the bears soon popped the inflatable friend, and playtime was abruptly cut short. 

Now all we need is the children's book If You Give A Bear A Balloon ...