Dad Trolls Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies, Ends Up With More Followers Than Her

In our modern world of narcissistic selfie taking and Kardashian obsession, we’ve somehow lost the ability to laugh at ourselves. Thankfully for 20-year-old Cassie Burr Martin, she’s got a dad to do it for her.

Chris Burr Martin, 49, first became a viral hit a couple of days ago after he decided to play his daughter Cassie at her own selfie game and embarrass her by recreating her sexy Instagram snaps. Back then, he had just 49 followers.

However, once news of Chris’ hilarious antics began to spread to news outlets and websites around the world, he suddenly found that he’d far surpassed his daughter’s 39,000 followers. Incredibly, he now has 71,3000 followers, outweighing Cassie’s by almost double.

Chris uses various inventive props to help him recreate his daughter’s selfies, generally making use of everyday household objects. Take the following selfie, for example, in which he uses a balloon and a Sharpie to recreate his daughter’s boyfriend.

In another, Chris outs Cassie as being a Twilight fan. Can it really get any more embarrassing than that?!

Half hearted attempt. I was truly bored tonight and told her to get some more sun or I was taking her back to Forks, WA. where they filmed Twilight. (Cassie secret. She LOVED Twilight. Hee-hee) Channel 6 was showing the Republican debates and since i can't stand politics, well....there was nothing else to do until Ghostbusters came on AMC.

Now, if your selfie game is nowhere near as on point as Cassie and her dad, don’t worry. There’s a new trend in town that looks set to improve things for you. It’s called fingermouthing and it’s not as rude as it sounds. I promise.