The Uk's Most Expensive Number Plates

Here are the ten most expensive registration plates sold in the UK in ascending order.

7. '1 D': £352,000

'1 D': £352,000

According to sources this plate was bought with no connection to the famous boy band 1 Direction. Instead this plate was acquired by a Lebanese businessman, Nabil Bishara, in Warwickshire. The estimated value is thought to have soared since it was first bought. 

6. 'M 1': £331,500

'M 1': £331,500

In 2006 the M 1 number plate was sold at auction for £331,500 by mobile phone mogul Mike McCoomb who claimed it was for his 10 year old son. The plate was sold to raise money for Tatton Park in Cheshire.

5. 'VIP 1': £285,000

'VIP 1': £285,000

Once placed on the Pope-mobile while visiting Ireland, this number plate was bought and owned by Roman Abramovich, the Russian oil billionaire and Chelsea FC owner.