The Uk's Most Expensive Number Plates

Here are the ten most expensive registration plates sold in the UK in ascending order.

10. '25 O': £518,000

'25 O': £518,000

Bought by Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014 - this plate can be spotted on a Ferrari 250SWB, previously owned by Eric Clapton, estimated to be worth around £10million. At over half a million pounds this is the most expensive plate sold in the UK so far, and who knows what the value could increase to...

9. 'F 1': £440,000

'F 1': £440,000

In 2008 businessman Afzal Khan from Bradford bought the number plate ‘F1’ for £404,000 - the most valuable plate that had ever been sold at the time. The Race inspired plate was fittingly attached to his 617 horsepower MclarenSLR.

8. 'S 1': £404,000

'S 1': £404,000

Apparently this was Scotlands first ever number plate - which explains the huge price tag. This plate was bought back in 2008 by an anonymous bidder who wanted to put it on his old Skoda, although it has since been seen attached to a slightly more glamorous Mercedes S Class.