Full Names of 10 Fictional Characters

There are many famous fictional characters that we know by first name basis or by nicknames.

Scooby-Doo, Casper, The Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and Barbie just to name a few. But not many of us know their real/full names.

It amazes us that we never questioned the full names of some fictional characters when we were growing up and we would just accept names such as “Arnold”  and “Casper ” as full names. But now we are older it’s quite surprising to find out that these fictional characters indeed had full names.

The name their mothers gave them or their “Christian names” as some people like to refer to them, we are pleased to share with you our top ten full names of fictional characters that many of you won’t know .

Remember: Memorize them all if possible; after all, you never know when one of the following may make an appearance onto a pub quiz. They also come in handy to stump friends with.

Barbie aka Barbara Millicent Roberts

Barbie aka Barbara Millicent Roberts

If you are female then the chances are you will be well aware of the brand Barbie; after all, barbies are every young girls dream. Then again, even us males know of these plastic, over-priced dolls – some more than others if you get what we mean.

The doll that goes back to March 1959 may have been on every girls wishlist as a child but not many people know of her full name: Barbara Millicent Roberts. Her name was revealed in a series of novels that were published in the ’60s.

Oh, if you are wondering what Kens’ real name is (Barbie’s boyfriend), it’s Ken Carson.